Commercial motor insurance covers all the cars, bikes and other vehicles that are used for official or business purposes. Business vehicles are subject to damage, accidents, break downs and theft and should be fully protected so that you don’t incur a loss. Whether it’s luxury business vehicles like sedans, SUV’s, or station wagons, delivery vans, transport trucks, mobile cranes, etc. they should all come under the purview of insurance protection.

The business spends loads of money not only on the purchase of these vehicles but on the maintenance as well so motor insurance for business vehicles is just as important as insurance for your own personal vehicle. Choose an insurer or insurance company like Progressive Insurance Brokers who will issue you the best insurance coverage policies for your business vehicles. The value of each vehicle is assessed and covered by our solid insurance policies.

Motor insurance should also cover contingent damages to third party vehicles or property caused by business vehicles and should include the same in their commercial motor insurance policies. Also, make sure to always keep a copy of your vehicle insurance in the glove compartment or dashboard of your vehicle. All business staff should have a copy of the insurance too.